Warranty Windshield repair south shore

Super Vitre Protection

A small chip in you windshield? Your car dealership can repair it free of charge!

With the Super vitre protection program, your windshield repair is entirely covered and guaranteed for the duration of your vehicle's lifetime without any claim to your insurance company.

Can a chip expand while being repaired?

It is possible for the crack to expand and become no longer repairable during the repair process. If this happens and replacing the windshield is required, your authorized Super Vitre dealer will proceed with your authorization to the replacement of your windshield. The protection Super Vitre will be automatically transferred to the new windshield installed by your authorized Super Vitre dealer.

Definition of "repairable damage" and maximum size of a repairable damage.

For a damaged windshield to be deemed repairable there has to be a point of impact leaving a least one visible crack or chip. In cases where the point of impact leaves no visible crack or chip, the windshield will be deemed not repairable, because a mere point of impact without visible damages simply cannot grow larger. If the size of the crack or chip is no bigger than the size of a one (1) dollar coin, the repair work will be done without any problem. However, in case of larger damages, a visit to your nearest authorized Super Vitre dealer will be necessary to determine if a simple repair is still possible.

Special Note:

The Super Vitre protection does not include windshield replacement under any circumstances.